I’m back, bitches.

and I don’t wanna hear I’m acting different! It’s finally February, so y’all already know i’m planning to act a fool! . . . Okay, maybe not a complete fool, but I have been in the process of making some life changes that I did not feel bold enough to make before. The first thing […]

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Ticket stub

I collect ticket stubs. I love the idea of having a small object remind me of moments one has had in their lives. My most popular type of ticket stubs are movie tickets. I’ve seen movies ranging from Transformers to Planet of the apes,Harry Potter to Girls Trip. What is even better than the movies […]

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what are you doing my love?

Oh shit. Forgot what I was doing for a moment. Nothing. For a split second I was trying to do something. For reasons that just go over my head. What was it that I wanted again? hm, oh yeah! “Keep going, Kitty Cat.” I wanted nothing more than to hear . Frozen on the side […]

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La que vino de la luz

Sometimes I get lost in what I am doing. I forget where it is that I am going and what it is I aim to do. I lose myself in the moment and the thoughts I have. Imagine, being lost in your own head. Imagine, being lost and stuck in the same place. Why don’t I […]

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Can we talk about…

I just think it’s funny how… LORD It’s been a rough week.   MONDAY 6:12 pm I need to go. In the driver’s seat of the car, I prop my leg up in the space between the steering wheel and right under the dash-board. With my left hand I feel for the seat adjuster knobs […]

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