what are you doing my love?

Oh shit. Forgot what I was doing for a moment. Nothing. For a split second I was trying to do something. For reasons that just go over my head. What was it that I wanted again? hm, oh yeah! “Keep going, Kitty Cat.” I wanted nothing more than to hear . Frozen on the side […]

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La que vino de la luz

Sometimes I get lost in what I am doing. I forget where it is that I am going and what it is I aim to do. I lose myself in the moment and the thoughts I have. Imagine, being lost in your own head. Imagine, being lost and┬ástuck in the same place. Why don’t I […]

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Can we talk about…

I just think it’s funny how… LORD It’s been a rough week.   MONDAY 6:12 pm I need to go. In the driver’s seat of the car, I prop my leg up in the space between the steering wheel and right under the dash-board. With my left hand I feel for the seat adjuster knobs […]

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