Can we talk about…

I just think it’s funny how…


It’s been a rough week.



6:12 pm

I need to go.

In the driver’s seat of the car, I prop my leg up in the space between the steering wheel and right under the dash-board. With my left hand I feel for the seat adjuster knobs to recline the body of the chair and rise the bottom.

The keys. where did I? Oh that’s right, the cup holder. Into the ignition and slowly turn to the right and hold until the engine is on.

Can I? I’m going to have to. In a matter of seconds the car is inĀ reverse and out of the parking space. In the next three I’m in drive and heading out of the parking lot.

Just driveĀ but, not towards the house.Ā Where then? Greenbelt? Food! Drive.

Damn. Why did I come this way? Why down this hill? I can’t see anything but memories. I can’t see anything but 15 yr old me. It’s dark. Why am I out so late? How did I get here? Who… who is… You weren’t suppose to be here… you…


Oh shit. drive.

Great, Wendy’s.

10 pc combo with a strawberry lemonade! Thanks!

oh shit… it’s 9:30 pm… how is it? I don’t even know.

I need help.


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